… and there are even more winners!

The Oxford German Olympiad traditionally has a ‘Round 2′ of competitions. They have related or different themes to the main Olympiad, with prestigious prizes donated by individuals and institutions in academia and industry. All the winners of these competitions are also invited to the prize ceremony in Oxford and you can read all about the competitions and the winners’ work below!

The Wiener Library Competition:

Every year, staff at the Wiener Library, London, delve into their archives and select an interesting text from their extensive collections on the Holocaust and the Nazi period. Current university students from all over the country are then invited to have a go at translating the text and provide a short commentary. This year, the chosen text for translation was satirist Martin Miller’s 1940 speech parodying Adolf Hitler.

Winner: Stuart Dunlop, University of Manchester (Winner Wiener Library 2017)

Runner up: Syamala Roberts, University of Cambridge (Runner up Wiener Library 2017)


Camden House Competition:

This competition is sponsored by the publisher Camden House and its sister company Boydell & Brewer. Postgraduates and Early Career Researchers are invited to submit a book proposal on a topic in the field of German literature and/or film that would represent a significant contribution to research and fit the profile of Camden House in German studies.

Winner: Jonathan Johnston, Trinity College Dublin (Winner Camden House 2017)


Kafkaesque Creatures:

Kafkaesque Creatures is sponsored by the Kafka Research Centre. This year, learners of German age 14 and over were asked to read Kafka’s short story ‘Die Sorge des Hausvaters’, which introduces us to the strange creature Odradek, and write a creative response in German.

Winner: Victoria Adjei (Winner Kafkaesque Creatures)

Runner up: Cressida Hay (Runner up Kafkaesque Creatures)

Runner up: Elsa Voak (Runner up 2 Kafkaesque Creatures)


The HC Artmann Competition:

This was a special competition created this year to celebrate the work of Austrian poet HC Artmann. Much of his work is written in his native dialect and contain a lot of grotesque and even morbid imagery. So this competition asked students aged 16 years and above to engage with three of his poems and either rework one of them or write a commentary. Oxford German Network is particularly grateful to HC Artmann’s widow, Rosa Pock, for her generous permission to reproduce his poems.

Winner: Beth Molyneux (Winner HC Artmann)

Honourable Mention: Sophie Stoakes (Honourable Mention HC Artmann)


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