Wo liegt eigentlich ‘Nimmdillzirkus’? – It must be the OGN Kneipenquiz…

The annual OGN Kneipenquiz has been and gone at Radley College, and the event on 7th February 2017, saw a few tweaks to the usual format (no choruses of ‘Yes, Miss Sophie’ this year!) – as one of the German teachers at Radley writes below. Have a go at designing your own German ‘Kneipenquiz’ – can you beat your teacher’s German knowledge? If you need some ideas, take a look at the OGN website.

Just before half term, Radley’s Germanists played host to a number of students from Oxfordshire schools who came to participate in the annual Kneipenquiz down in the JCR.

Kneipenquiz 2017 2.JPG
Los geht’s! Die Studierenden brechen das Eis…

We kicked off with the traditional speed dating ice breaker where we spoke to someone from a different school in German for 1 minute before moving on to chatting to someone else. This was a great way to practise a bit of German and get to know each other better. Moreover, it helped us find people who we might want to be on our team for the quiz.

The quiz this year was slightly different in that the three boys in Form 6.2 studying German provided three of the rounds of questions. A few of these questions in particular undid the usually unbeatable teacher’s team and although they scored highly it might be worth brushing up on their pop culture a bit in order to avoid embarrassment next year! The retranslation of London tube stops from the literal German back into the English was an especially interesting and indeed challenging round, which surely helped the team led by Jack Folkestone and containing Radley’s very own native speaker, Dan Kirchlechner, to storm to an impressive, though controversial victory.

‘Wo liegt Nimmdillzirkus?’ The ‘Geography Round’ of the Kneipenquiz takes on the London Underground…

An enormous amount of thanks should go to both Frau Piller and Quizmaster Cresswell for organising the event, writing the quiz and providing some delicious German-themed snacks for the evening.



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