Drama auf Deutsch!

We’ve found that theatre is a fantastic way to make languages come alive and give pupils an experience of language-learning beyond the classroom. Two of OGN’s local partner schools recently joined up to give their pupils the opportunity to watch, and even take part in, a play created especially for learners of German.

Hochdramatisch! Onatti actors at work.

In February Headington School again hosted the Onatti theatre company for its German play, Zwillinge (Twins). All pupils in U3 (Year 8) who are experiencing German as part of their 3 language carrousel this year, as well as all pupils taking German in the L4, U4 and L5 attended. Headington was also delighted to welcome pupils from Bartholomew School, Eynsham.

The hour-long comedy was a play within a play, where Annika, preparing for a drama performance, enlists the help of Lukas, but unwittingly also ends up rehearsing with his twin brother, leading to some hilarious scenes. As always, Onatti brought excellent acting, a funny script and some great slapstick comedy together to entertain the pupils, with, as usual, plenty of interaction with the audience and co-opting pupils as extra characters.

Is it Lukas… or his brother?

Reactions to the play were highly complementary:

Bartholomew School: Our students really enjoyed the experience and loved the play. “I really enjoyed the performance and the actors were very funny. It was easy to understand too!”

Headington: I thought that the play was funny. It was also very understandable because they acted it out well. I felt like I knew most of the words.

The play was really funny, the idea of the topic of the play was a really good idea, the audience participation was funny and the actors were very good at acting. 

Has Onatti brought the play Zwillinge to your school? Tell us what you thought in the comments section below!


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